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CPM (stands for Cost-Per-Mille) is an advertising payment model that suggests charging advertiser for every 1,000 impressions of his ad inside mobile app publisher inventory. It’s the most common method for pricing mobile ads and the most popular among mobile publishers due to its focus on impressions and not clicks, which benefits publishers in a big way. Advertisers calculate CPM rates for both banner display and video advertising, the most prominent advertising platforms for the latter are YouTube and Facebook. In this directory we’ve aggregated for you the best CPM Advertising Networks.

List of the best CPM ad networks for publishers and advertisers

Updated: April 17, 2019

Ybrant Mobile

Specialist mobile performance network

The company delivers campaigns to premium publishers, monetising their inventory through CPC/CPM models.


Mobile platform and MaaS


Mobile Audience Targeting Platform

(1 vote)


The company defining digital advertising


Consumer Intelligence Driven Mobile Marketing Platform

(1 vote)


Mobile advertising done right

CPM, CPC and CPA models are all fully supported and real-time user data is provided in the form of advanced....


Hyper-local mobile ad network


Helping App Developers Monetize their Apps

(1 vote)


Powering rewarding mobile

(3 votes)
...distribute apps and collect market data, and potentially offers a more reliable ROI than typical CPC or CPM networks.


Video advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers

...brand-safe environment, and publishers who need a reliable and flexible way to monetize their inventory on a CPM basis.

TapTap Networks

Branded content for mobile

TapTap says it provides publishers with lower fill rates but much higher than average eCPMs of up to $3.


Maximize video advertising across desktop, mobile, streaming devices and TV.


Programmatic approach to the real human's phone

Operating on a CPM model, you get an access to the Global reach of active mobile users that are playing games on their....


Global RTB exchange for mobile ads

(1 vote)
...per month Real-time competition for each impression Fast and easy integration options High eCPMs and fill rates Offers publishers full pricing controls Access to 260+ DSPs and 190+ ad networks....


High engagement mobile ads


The #1 programmatic native advertising platform


Premium mobile advertising

...For developers madvertise claims to offer payouts that are above typical market rates, with higher eCPMs and optimised fill rates.


high quality IOS and Android inventory

...Appstore and Amazon quality ad units with real time data and statistics available on all campaigns high eCPMs for publishers with weekly payments.


Fuelling the app economy

(2 votes)

Facebook Ads

The biggest digital advertising platform

(1 vote)


Advertising for mobile people

Microsoft Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising at their fingertips


Supply-side platform, offerwall and mobile video ads

(2 votes)
...offers consumers opt-in and virtual currency earnings and helps publishers achieve industry –level CPMs with rewards-based monetisation.


The world's most popular free, open source ad serving system

...campaign performance, including impressions, clicks, click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM, and conversion details, like basket value and number of items purchased.


Programatic built to optimize your conversion path

(1 vote)


Breathe life into mobile strategy etc

...web and in-app, geotarget, day-part, carrier, operating system, device and device feature Run CPC, CPM and Pay Per Call campaigns Supports various ad formats including rich media, video, click-to-call,....


Europe's premium mobile ad network


Convert clicks to users

(1 vote)

Epom Market

Ad Network & Self-serve DSP for programmatic advertising

(3 votes)


Ad mediation optimized for you

(1 vote)


Build and launch an ad server in just weeks using APIs

native ad-focused to achieve high CPM and great user experience sponsored listings that feature sellers and users to pay for move visibility....


Powering mobile advertising


Mobile advertising made easy


Mobile advertising location experts

Ads are sold on a CPM basis.


Transform Payables Today, Energize Tomorrow

(1 vote)


Cross screen ad platform


Africa's premium ad network


The Mobile Performance Network

Adsterra Network

Best Advertising Network, High Quality Traffic, Self-Service Platform for advertisers

Various pricing models (CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, CPI) Advanced Targeting (Keywords, GEO & Language, Browser, Device & Vendor, Operating....


Maximise Mobile Traffic with EZmob

(1 vote)


Monetize your mobile traffic only with experts

(1 vote)
...Advertiser and direct publishers Quality – fraud traffic and conversions detection Verity – CPM, CPA, CPC and CPI offers Referrals – our partners (advertisers and publishers).


The best new player in the DSP field

Offering both CPC and CPM options as well as budget control, Adfonic enables advertisers to build, execute and monitor different....


A Powerful Mobile DSP at Its Finest

(1 vote)

Opera Mediaworks

Powering the mobile ad economy

(1 vote)


Advertise & publish mobile apps & web

Offering both banner and text ads, with AdTwirl brands can run a variety of CPC, CPM or CPD campaigns that are cost-effective and can be targeted according to custom requirements (country,....


Mobile RTB, ad network & Android monetization

(1 vote)
...claims to offer advertisers between 10-30 times the amount of revenue from adverts when compared to CPM.

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

The advertising platform for the open Internet.


a full-stack network for mobile advertisers and publishers

(1 vote)
The platform offers a range of CPI and CPM solutions for advertisers and publishers.


Performance Marketing Made Easy

(2 votes)

CPM Guide

CPM (cost-per-mille) is where an advertiser is charged each time their ads are shown 1,000 times – in Latin ‘mille’. The model allows brands to make money each time an ad is displayed.

CPM Rates

Here are some CPM offers along with their platform and country below.

Platform/Network Country CPM Rates
YouTube US $5 to $10 (US and Canadian traffic only)
Google Display Ads US $2.80 (per thousand impressions)
Facebook Sweden, Denmark, Taiwan The highest CPM rates are in Sweden – $1.8, Denmark – $1.7 and Taiwan – $1.5.
Adspyglass.com US $3.33 on average
HilltopAds.com US £3.33, payout at $50

Source: Blognife

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