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Cost per click (aka CPC) is a payment model that requires an advertiser to pay publisher for each instance when his ad was clicked inside publisher’s inventory, which can be a mobile app or website. Cost per click can be calculated as the ratio between a total cost advertiser pays for an ad campaign to total number of clicks that campaigns generates. Just as CPI cost per click varies per advertising platform, geography of an ad campaign audience and other factors. Currently an average CPC for one of the top mobile advertising platforms – Google’s AdWords is about $2.32 per click. Cost Per Click is the most basic KPI advertisers need to keep in check while they run ad campaigns to drive installs for their apps or sales for any product they advertise. Here we’ve collected the most important CPC Advertising Networks.

List of CPC ad networks

Updated: May 21, 2019

Millennial Media

Self service mobile ads and data platform


Get your app sponsored

DoubleClick Bid Manager

Demand Side Platform by Google


Mobile location advertising


Smart Advertising Network | Monetize Website Traffic


Europe's premium mobile ad network


Cross-Device Marketing Solutions


Global mobile ads platform

Real-time technologies available to optimize ad delivery Choice of CPC/CPM campaigns, supports banner and text advertising Access tools and analytics to evaluate ad performance....


The caller ID ad network


The leader in native advertising for mobile games

Google Ads

Get your ad on Google today.

Microsoft Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising at their fingertips

Addictive Mobility

Mobile Advertising for Brands


Advertise & publish mobile apps & web

Offering both banner and text ads, with AdTwirl brands can run a variety of CPC, CPM or CPD campaigns that are cost-effective and can be targeted according to custom requirements....


Cross screen ad platform

Epom Market

Ad Network & Self-serve DSP for programmatic advertising

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Innovative mobile ad platform

...are run on targeted content to ensure a completely targeted network High commissions available with CPC/CPA/CPI and Rev Share commission structures.

Avazu Mobile

A Global Mobile Ad Display Company

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Premium mobile advertising

Advertisers can use madvertise to set up and run CPC campaigns, and the platform provides monetization opportunities for iOS and Android developers.


Mobile trading desk & performance optimiser


Consumer Intelligence Driven Mobile Marketing Platform

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Mobile RTB, ad network & Android monetization

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Chinese mobile ad network


Mobile advertising made easy

...applications Mobile search marketing campaigns with guaranteed high Click-Through-Rates and online CPC/auction-based keyword interface Full support offered for Java, iOS, Android and Symbian Ad Network....


Socialize, Promote and Monetize your app


Mobile advertising made easy

Buzz City

Mobile internet advertising

...have a presence in global markets including the US, Europe and the UK and can often offer attractive CPC rates to advertisers in these areas compared with the competition.

Opera Mediaworks

Powering the mobile ad economy

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Mobile advertising network


Monetize your advertising inventory

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High engagement mobile ads


Mobile ads, analytics & monetization

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Turns mobile into the medium of choice for brands

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Powering rewarding mobile

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...to distribute apps and collect market data, and potentially offers a more reliable ROI than typical CPC or CPM networks.


Data. Insight. Action.


Rethinking mobile advertising

Budgets can be set for campaigns on a CPC or CPM basis.


Ad mediation optimized for you

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Juice Mobile

Global mobile marketing & advertising agency


Mobile platform and MaaS


Impressions that inspire

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Twitter Ads

Solutions to help you achieve your business goals

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46 CPC $0.


high quality IOS and Android inventory


Israeli mobile advertising network

...their apps/mobile sites Developers and publishers can utilise Todacell’s services to run high-yield CPC and CPM campaigns for globally recognized brands.


Adult mobile ads

...mobile advertising self-service platform Various ad units available and niche keyword targeting tools CPC, CPM and Flat Rate payouts available for developers.


Engage valuable users on mobile

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...platform serves every type of creative to mobile and tablet platforms, and connection with ad servers and CPC networks including Burstly, Millennial Media and Google is also possible for enhanced campaign reach.....

LoopMe Media

Social mobile advertising


Monetize your apps intelligently

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AdMob is one of the world's largest CPC mobile ad networks, founded in 2006 in Mountain View, US.

The Mobile Majority

Mobile advertising from the ground up

CPC Guide

CPC, or cost-per-click, is a business model that requires an advertiser to pay a publisher each time an ad was clicked inside the publisher’s inventory.

CPC Rates

Here are some CPC offers along with their platform and country below.

Platform/Network Country Rates
Admob US High, especially on Android, rewarded video: $23
Admob US iOS rewarded video: $16 
Admob India Android rewarded video: $0.84
Admob India iOS rewarded video: $1.18
Google AdSense US $20 and above – but only with link unit ads

Source: Blognife

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