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CPA (stands for Cost-Per-Action) is the most advanced mobile advertising payment model. With this model advertisers pay publishers for specific actions (like sales or registrations) that people take inside mobile apps after being engaged with ads. To calculate cost-per-action for a specific action one needs to divide a total ad campaign spending on a number of specific actions that this particular campaign generated. Pricing for various kinds of CPA such as app install, register, purchase can vary from $4 to $75 per action. Cost Per Action model is in the roots of a digital affiliate marketing. We’ve analyzed the best CPA Advertising Networks in this directory.

List of the top CPA ad networks

Updated: May 15, 2019

Your marketplace for direct deals

Lazarus DSP

Omnichannel DSP from Mobusi formats include native, video and display, with pricing structure that is based on CPM model with CPA, CPC and CPM goals and direct CPA, once testing was done.


Evolve with technology

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Dejavu Technology

White Label Advertising Server


The future of Mobile Advertising all in one Powerful Platform

Opera Mediaworks

Powering the mobile ad economy

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Multi-screen digital video ads

Cheetah Ad Platform

Mobile Audiences, Data Intelligence

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Data-driven Mobile Marketing, Worldwide Performance Advertising Platform

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Data. Insight. Action.

Reddit Ads

Upvote your advertising

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Mobile Audience Targeting Platform

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The leader in native advertising for mobile games

YouTube Ads

Be seen where everyone is watching

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AdGate Media

#1 Offer Wall and Rewarded Video Monetization Solution

Juice Mobile

Global mobile marketing & advertising agency

The CPA network integrates C2C and CPA campaigns to generate more accurate acquisition results through analysis.....


35 Million Installs Don't Lie - CPAlead delivers VALUE for App Owners & Mobile Affiliates

With over 35 million app installs generated on iOS and Android to date, CPAlead is a leader in the mobile promotion space and takes pride in delivering the best ROI in the industry....


Reinventing mobile advertising


Fuelling the app economy

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Innovative mobile ad platform on targeted content to ensure a completely targeted network High commissions available with CPC/CPA/CPI and Rev Share commission structures.


Leading Global Mobile Ad Network partnership with more than 500+ developers being our advertisers and we can run offers on a CPI, CPA, CPL basis.

Adsterra Network

Best Advertising Network, High Quality Traffic, Self-Service Platform for advertisers

Various pricing models (CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, CPI) Advanced Targeting (Keywords, GEO & Language, Browser, Device & Vendor, Operating....

Solve Media

Mobile ads with guaranteed engagement


Transform Payables Today, Energize Tomorrow

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Rocket Fuel

Predictive Marketing Platform


We’re here to stop the industry from eating itself

YOC Group

Engaging global advertising

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