Adelphic partners with TripleLift to expand mobile native inventory

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 2, 2016

adelphic-logo TripleLift
Adelphic, the mobile and cross-channel demand side platform (DSP), has just partnered up with programmatic native tech firm TripleLift. Together, the companies will provide advertising buyers with access to native inventory sources across display channels.
Adelphic partners with TripleLift
Buyers are then able to tap Adelphic’s targeting, optimization and cross-channel tools to serve their native images, videos and cinemagraphs.
The move is in line with native ads predicted to make up three-quarters of all display ad revenue in the US over the coming five years. Much of that is driven by innovations within programmatic technologies. Native also delivers a better audience experience to drive ROI. Advertisers have noted up to 100% increase in CTR, which is three times higher than brand awareness and 250% more engagement when using native compared to display formats.
Katie Glass, Head of Programmatic Partnerships at TripleLift, explains:

“Native has become a rapidly growing advertising strategy, particularly in mobile, where its success has been proven to drive increased consumer engagement. As a mobile-first DSP with cross-channel technology, Adelphic provides ad buyers a unique opportunity to leverage that increased engagement wherever audiences are consuming content.”

With TripleLift native ads, clients can create meaningful user engagement and serve an improved experience. Ads are less intrusive and flow within the content. In partnership, Adelphic clients now have reassurance that their clicks are coming from real consumers. Ultimately, the partnership hopes to signal an end to ad blockers as well, by providing more meaningful ad engagements.
Gina Kim, Head of Partnerships of Adelphic, adds:
gina kim

“Adelphic is excited to partner with TripleLift as we enhance our native offering to provide our customers with a robust set of tools that enable planning, forecasting, targeting, and reporting that empower our clients to scale their native campaigns. This partnership will undoubtedly bring our customers new formats and tactics to drive brand advertising.”