Adello rolls out 3D Touch for its mobile creative ad units

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. December 23, 2015

Mobile ad platform, Adello, recently announced that it has added 3D Touch to its mobile creative ad units, which adds pressure sensitivity to screen interaction.
Adello adds 3D Touch
3D Touch is already part of the Apple iPhone 6S’s capabilities. Essentially, 3D Touch lets users sense how much pressure is applied to a screen when touching it. By applying varied pressure, the iPhone performs different functions and lets users feel the actions they take.
Adello now applies this technology to advertising. Marketers are able to reach customers by launching campaigns with two-way communication. Mobile users get more interaction out of an ad, zooming into hidden pictures, messages or deal vouchers. Users push on ads to open pictures, links and videos.
The company says that its 3D Touch feature promotes better ad interaction without disrupting the user flow.
But Adello’s not the only company testing 3D Touch. Instagram reportedly showed interest in such a feature earlier this year. However, the company confirmed that whilst it has plans for 3D, it wasn’t testing any such functionalities just yet.