AddApptr launches SDK for programmatic mobile ads

AddApptr, the German-based mobile mediation platform that offers access to all major mobile RTB exchanges, recently launched its meta-RTB SDK for iOS and Android devices.
AddApptr mobile SDK
The SDK combines all relevant programmatic marketplaces as part of one solution. The company says it has seen eCPM increases of 50% for publishers and fill rates came close to 100% across most territories.
The solution supports banner, video as well as native mobile ads through its optimisation algorithm. In addition, AddApptr relies on ad network mediation to ensure consistent fill rates. Its dashboard provides data as well as performance metrics to help publishers increase their revenue using programmatic ads.
Around 30 RTB exchanges and ad networks are combined under one hood. They include GoogleAdX, Facebook, MoPub, Nexage, Smaato, and OpenX.
Alexander von der Geest, COO & Co-Founder, AddApptr, says:

“Some publishers are initially reluctant to integrate the SDK in their apps. But this hesitation quickly disappears once they see the performance, both regarding CPMs and ad quality. Our fully integrated SDK solution outperforms any server-side integration we have ever tested.”