Add live content updates to newsstand apps with Paperlit’s latest feature

paperlit live

Digital publishing platform Paperlit has launched a new feature that enables developers to add in a live feed from a website to apps published on digital newsstands. Called Paperlit Live, it adds live updates to a digital magazine, enabling content from blogs, websites or an RSS feed to be automatically placed in the app.

paperlit live

Luca Filigheddu, Paperlit’s CEO, said:


“In addition to selling digital editions, publishers want to connect with mobile audiences on a regular basis and share content when it matters most. With Paperlit Live, publishers can publish news feeds side-by-side their digital magazine kiosk, creating a fully connected, one-stop mobile experience for their readers.”

Paper lit notes this is an excellent way to increase app engagement, saying that the feature, “helps attract more users, and convert them into paid subscribers via in-app purchase.” In a blog post related to the launch, the company continues to list several other benefits of adding more content. These include:

  • More downloads and an improved store ranking through positive reviews, by offering content that’s not hidden behind a paywall.
  • Deliver exclusive content not featured elsewhere to attract loyal users.
  • Identify active users and promote subscriptions with push notifications.

To learn more about Paperlit Live, visit the company’s website here.