Add end-to-end encryption to any app using Appmobi’s new Security Kit

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Appmobi, the mobile security-as-a-service company, has launched the Appmobi Security Kit, an SDK that adds end-to-end encryption and user authentication to any mobile app, regardless of whether it’s a new project, an existing app, or a hybrid app.

The Appmobi Security Kit mobile SDK includes the following features:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • A toolkit to manage encryption, authentication, and passcode data
  • A tool for rotating and expiring keys automatically
  • Secure Data Store contains various storage options
  • Real-time analytics

Appmobi has released Security Kit, an end-to-end encryption SDK

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Mark Stutzman, Appmobi’s CEO, said:


“Enterprises require protected data and consumers are demanding their privacy. The launch of the Appmobi Security Kit marks a significant step forward for secure mobile development to meet both of these needs. Appmobi Security Kit provides an easy-to-use SDK and set of services to encrypt all mobile app data and communications, ensuring they are only decipherable by the owner or intended recipient while removing the complexity of building or adding end-to-end encryption to apps for developers.”

Appmobi promises its Security Kit needs no expertise in the area of cryptology or encryption to use, and integrating it into apps takes minutes, rather than months of development work. It’s suitable for all mobile app data and communication systems, and data is encrypted at all major stops between users — at device level, while sending, and on the server. Users require the private key to access the data.

To learn more about Appmobi’s Security Kit, visit the company’s website here.