Adcash Updates their Native App Monetization SDK

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Posted: September 15, 2016

Today Adcash announced the release of their all-new mobile app monetization SDKs, for both Android and iOS. These latest versions (Android 2.2, iOS 2.2) see many tweaks, improvements and updates, as well as the inclusion of some new features, most notably interstitial video ad support.
Here’s a quick overview of the main elements to these updates:
Update Summary

  • Interstitial video format
  • Improved security of the SDK
  • New user targeting system, with advanced algorithms and personalized advertisements
  • Anti fraud system improvements
  • Improved/advanced developer mode for testing the SDK
  • Renamed classes for better compatibility with 3rd party SDK’s (Android only)

Adcash new SDK

A $100 Billion Ecosystem

Clémence Etienne, Head of Mobile at Adcash, said “This latest update to our app monetization SDKs reflects our long term commitment to the mobile ecosystem. Currently, for Adcash, mobile is on track to surpass web before the end of this year.”

Talking about the scale of mobile advertising industry, she says “Mobile ad spend is likely to exceed $100 billion by the end of this year, accounting for more the 50% of all digital ad spending. Mobile is now driving digital advertising, this is why we’re absolutely committed to delivering solutions for our developer partners.
Dedicated support
All Adcash mobile developers get their own account manager, as well as dedicated developer support to help them with more technical questions, should they arise. Talking about the importance of offering support to their developers, Adcash Head of Mobile said: “Being able to provide our developer partners with the level of support they need to succeed is a big deal. That’s why in addition to an account manager, we give our partners access to our own developers as, in many cases, they’re able to better help with more technical queries”.
Developers steps are simple – register with Adcash, submit their application and then they will be assigned a dedicated manager, to guide them through every step of the process. Interested parties can also email for more information.