Ad viewability higher on mobile than desktop

Open ad management platform Sizmek has released its latest Viewability Benchmark Report, which analysed over 240 billion measured impressions in 2014 to identify key trends in ad performance and visibility. The research found that mobile-sized ads, including Html5 standard, rich and Flash standard banners are more viewable than those on desktop with the exception of Flash rich banners. Html5 standard banners attracted the highest viewability on mobile with 79.3%.
Mobile display ads outperform desktop ads in viewability
The study also showed that mobile ads served directly to publishers reached a viewability of 74.1% compared to 54.4% on desktop. Programmatic placements on mobile scored an average viewability of 81.4%, versus 39.7% on desktops.
Ad viewability rates for Programmatic and Publisher Direct
In addition, ads that contained images and video as well as some sort of interaction performance 18% better than standard banners.
However, measuring ad viewability accurately remains to be a challenge. In December 2014, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) determined that 100% viewability on an ad was impossible. As part of its research, the IAB recommends to establish campaign thresholds at 70%.
Alex White, VP product strategy at Sizmek, comments:

“The specifics and definitions will no doubt continue to be debated, but the recent efforts at standardising viewability terminology move the industry toward a more transparent marketplace for digital ads, and our research backs that up. Clearly, measuring whether an ad is viewable gives the industry a starting point for trading in true engagement.”

As advertisers demand more viewability, publishers struggle to deliver and meet demand. But that’s not stopping the growth of the industry. eMarketer reckons that US digital ad spending will grow to $58.61 billion in 2015. It says that mobile will account for almost half of that total, at $28.72 billion.