Aceaffiliates says the mobile affiliate marketing revolution is coming

James Cooper

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January 25, 2010

There’s a decent article over at the site which
“Mobile affiliate marketing: Get Ready for a Revolution”
This article makes the case the mobile is going to be a key channel for affiliate marketing.

“Affiliate marketing through mobile phones is going to be huge soon.  Because, to make a long story short:
— 3G phones with broadband-caliber Web browsing capabilities are multiplying like rabbits.
— Americans are flat-out addicted to their mobile devices.
— People from other countries are even more flat-out addicted to their mobile devices.”

The article makes a good point that in a few years, when m-commerce is established the market will be crowded, so now is the time to get involved.

“Five years from now, when mobile devices are well-established as a sales channel with millions of consumers buying stuff right off their phone every single day, the bandwagon will be a crowded and chaotic one.  The time to start thinking long and hard about mobile affiliate marketing is now, when the bandwagon is plodding along serenely but steadily. “

Great advice and good to see more and more people are noticing the potential of mobile as an affiliate channel.