94% of consumers engage with personalised mobile wallet offers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 25, 2016

Mobile marketing company, Vibes, recently published its 2016 Mobile Consumer Report which highlights consumer mobile behaviours and perceptions of mobile marketing. Mobile offers such as eCoupons, loyalty and branding messages have all been successful in driving consumer brand perceptions, but the report also found a significant shift in usage of mobile wallets.
Following the launch of Apple Passbook, but more importantly Android Pay as well as Apple Pay, consumers have been quick to adopt mobile wallets, with a third of users now saying they are currently using one.
A third of mobile owners use mobile wallets such as Apple Pay
Source: vibes.com
94% of consumers save personalised mobile wallet offers and coupons. This presents a great opportunity for marketers to target customers with offers that are highly relevant.
Likelihood of saving personalised mobile wallet offers and coupons
Source: vibes.com
When it comes to advertising methods, 73% of users prefer to receive offers via email. Almost half (48%) of consumers appreciate a text message. Just 13% consider mobile banner ads preferable.
Preferred method to receiving mobile wallet items
Source: vibes.com
Customers aren’t shy to admit that coupons and offers would change their opinion of a retailer to become more positive, according to almost 60% of respondents.
A growing number of mobile users are also interested in receiving mobile loyalty cards. 73% admitted to being very to somewhat interested in a mobile loyalty scheme.
Majority of consumers is interested in mobile loyalty cards
Source: vibes.com
In fact, 79% of users carry anywhere from two to 20+ plastic loyalty cards with them. To most of these users, mobile wallet eCards represent a clear value.
Two thirds of consumers said they would have a more positive opinion of a loyalty programme if it allowed them to store and access information on their smartphones in a mobile wallet app.
Consumer perception of loyalty programmes
Source: vibes.com
Marketers will be somewhat relieved to find that 67% of mobile users were satisfied with smartphone banner ads. According to Vibes, consumers are willing to tap and engage with banner ads on their mobile devices.
However, the post-click destination is what matters most to users. Almost half of all respondents (49%) would like to be redirected to a mobile coupon page. 25% prefer app download pages and 26% mCommerce sites.
Consumers have clear destination preferences for mobile ads
Source: vibes.com
Incentives and coupons are also cited as the top reason for consumers to subscribe to a brand or company. Loyalty schemes such as reward points follow in close second place for 52% of respondents.
Reasons to subscribe to a brand/company
Source: vibes.com
However, consumers are highly sensitive to over-marketing, with 59% saying they would unsubscribe from a brand due to too many messages or updates being sent. Indeed, marketers need to ensure they carefully target content. Time of day, location, individual preferences and purchase history should be taken into account when trying to keep audiences engaged.
The study found that half of respondents (49%) wanted to receive push notifications from marketers once a week or more often, whilst the other half preferred communication less frequently than that. This might make it more confusing for advertisers to schedule their re-engagement efforts, but ultimately different audience groups can be approached at different times.
Jack Philbin, Co-founder and CEO, Vibes, explains:
jack philbin

“The popularity of coupons and loyalty programs remains very strong, but the most effective delivery mechanisms for these marketing tactics has changed with the growth in mobile. This consumer data highlights the tremendous opportunity for marketers to immediately start delivering their branded content into Apple Wallet and Android Pay. It’s a win-win. Not only do consumers enjoy the convenience these mobile wallets provide, but the ability to personalize and update coupons and loyalty programs helps marketers increase their programs’ effectiveness as well.”

For marketers, the key takeaways of the study are:

  1. Mobile consumer engagement can yield a positive brand perception.
  2. In particular, mobile wallet coupons and loyalty schemes are central to meaningfully engaging an audience.
  3. Personalisation is key. Consumers switch off if offers or schemes are perceived as too frequent and/or irrelevant.
  4. Email and text messages are the preferred methods to reach mobile wallet users with relevant offers.