75% of Russian mobile phone users are also gamers – 18% make app purchases

When it comes to the number of mobile games downloaded, Russia leads in Europe, whilst mobile gaming revenues rank sixth. Indeed, with 80 million smartphone users in 2017, Russia is one of the top players in the European mobile market.
Now, Russian mobile advertising firm Zorka Mobi together with mobile measurement firm adjust have compiled a report to examine the mobile gaming industry in Russia more closely.
Among the demographic profiles, 75% of Russian mobile users are also mobile gamers – 80% are male versus 20% being female. However, just 3% of them play regularly, whilst 11% play from time to time and 4% play games on their mobile devices rarely.
18% of them make actual purchases in-app, with the average revenue per user being $4.9. That’s not particularly great news for app developers.
Nevertheless, the number of new releases in mobile gaming in Russia continues to grow rapidly. Around 40% of games are coming from foreign publishers.

Interestingly, the report highlights that Russian mobile gamers show greater retention on Android for both paid and organic traffic. iOS retention was lower for paid traffic on Day 1.

Overall, engagement rates among Russian mobile gamers are slightly lower than other regions.
The average cost per install is still considerably lower than US or Western Europe counterparts at $1.2 on iOS and $1.05 on Android. Interestingly, CPI was even lower than in China according to the Zorka estimates.