5 Tips for Promoting Your App Worldwide

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Posted: January 14, 2016

Myroslava is a content manager at Mobvista, leading global mobile content distribution platform that specializes in mobile advertising (performance marketing and traffic monetization) and game publishing.With 6 years of experience in journalism, reporting, writing and editing news for TV, online and print business media, she aims to deliver the valuable insights about the industry, relying on Mobvista data.
You have developed really great apps that might hit the top of app stores, you’ve made sure that design was customized and  -catching, you’ve got feedbacks from your friends and colleagues that said “Good job!”, your Facebook page has gotten a few thousand likes, you’ve successfully published your product on  mobile market. But… still you cannot exceed the limit of 50 installations per day. Almost every developer has faced similar situation and, unfortunately, not all of them were able to go further.
Let’s make it clear: you have to compete with more than 1,500,000 applications available in both iOS App Store and Google Play. This means that not only is that hard for users to choose the appropriate app but also to get a word about it. Here we come to the stage when you need to advertise your app to acquire users on a large scale.
Here are some tactics for you:

  1. This must be done before you officially step into the global market but a lot of developers ignore this recommendation, providing their products in the only language (English) or neglecting some national customs. To reach more users you must speak THEIR languages and take into account their traditions. Define the regions where you are going to promote your app (besides your home country), think how to approach residents there and localise your app according to their expectations.
  1. Create video for promotion. Video ads have better conversion rates and don’t hurt the user experience. Most of the videos used by the ad networks are quite short – up to 30 seconds, usually 15, what means that you have to mention your app name and logo at the beginning (so that people could recognize it later) and insert a clear “Download now” call to action at the end.
  1. Find professional ad partner. For sure you can deal with Facebook or Google AdWords directly but shall you have time and enough of experience for that? The best way to get a lot of installs is using mediums such as mobile ad networks that have more opportunities and data for targeting users according to various requirements such as age, location, mobile operating systems etc. While choosing the partnering ad company, pay attention to the traffic (and where it comes from), the amount of data it has been operating and the stuff experience. For instance, working with mobile management tool Omni Swipe on the globalization strategy, we integrated over 1,000 media resources worldwide and involved Facebook and Google Adwords optimization team what resulted in more than 500,000 installs per day.
  1. Synchronize all the media channels. The launch of an app is the event that must get maximum media exposure what might increase your chances of attracting the attention of app market content developers. Do not underestimate the influence of specialized media and make sure you’ve informed editorial teams about new revolutionary product on the market. Furthermore, all the press releases, banners, and blog posts should appear at once.
  1. Avoid overdoing your advertising. Sounds strange, especially taking into account, that your goal is to make as much people as possible to get acquainted with your product but you take a risk of putting a damper on your brand. People are getting annoyed quickly, especially after a few same wall app banners appearing on the screen within 15 min while they are playing their favorite game or using any other app. For example, when Mobvista had been running the PayTM campaign, we had to have a strict internal control of banners and promotion methods just to avoid the damage for client branding. Instead, the volume for e-commerce campaigns (retailing & payment) was chosen due to previous experience, and optimization was taken automatically by our system. Result: more than 1 million users monthly that were acquired during the campaign.

The last but not least, never stop monitoring your traffic and make any adjustments if needed. The tactics above are simple but there are dozens of another ways to promote your app with high efficiency at the lowest cost.
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