48% more retail orders were made using mobile devices ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 28, 2017

Digital commerce has steadily increased over the last few years with ever more consumers shifting to the convenience of mobile.
According to data from Salesforce, the big shopping events of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday – are seeing earlier peaks with Thanksgiving Day generating 29% more online sales compared to the previous year.
Mobile in particular saw some notable growth with 48% more orders made from mobile devices than in 2016.
This year, mobile even surpassed computers to capture 46% of all orders.
Share of traffic to retailers was higher on mobile than other devices with 61% of all traffic on Thanksgiving Day driven by 33% more visits from phones.
Salesforce also measured the impact that personalization may be having on sales with 5% of shoppers clicking on relevant recommendations. Recommended shopping accounted for 28% of all revenue.
It’s interesting that shoppers are spending their cash much earlier this year with Thanksgiving Day being the start of the shopping season.
Combined with higher numbers of orders from mobile devices, this could point to the convenience factor and trying to avoid the rush on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
After all, shoppers do want the deals, but without all the hassle and at the convenience of having it all shipped straight to their door.