3 Powerful Ingredients for an App Launch: ASO, PR and Incentive Traffic

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Posted: March 29, 2016

App developers often postpone marketing strategy development till the very last minute, once the app has already been submitted to the App Store. They are too busy with developing the product, fixing bugs, and following various app store guidelines. Additionally, marketing strategy requires expertise, which most developers don’t have and many can’t afford in-house marketing specialists or agency services.
After helping hundreds of developers launch mobile apps successfully, AppBooster shares optimal strategies that will get your app discovered even when your budget and time are limited.

  1. App Store Optimization

You probably have heard about ASO and how important it is for app promotion. This is not because ASO is some magic pill that will bring organic traffic. It became a buzzword because it proved to be an efficient and essential tool that supports further promotional activity.
Basically, App Store Optimization is used to:

  • make an app visible to users who browse app stores (1 in 4 app users find new apps through app store search engines)
  • create an appealing app promo page and convince users to install an app

Factors you should optimize:

  1. App title. Title should reflect the purpose and the uniqueness of the app. Choose each word wisely. Try to stay within the 50 symbol limit and don’t stuff too many keywords in it, 3-4 word combinations are enough.
  2. App description with keywords. Start searching for relevant keywords by answering the following questions. What does the app do? Who will use it? Write down all suggestions. Research competitor keywords as well. Compose an easy-to-read and clear app description. For Apple’s App Store, you also need to include up to 100 characters of keywords into the “keyword field”.
  3. App category. Choose a category with less competitors and higher revenues in case your app falls into several categories.
  4. Promo materials (screenshots, icon, video). The icon should be simple and well-crafted to make your app look appealing. Screenshots help users understand what your app looks like so these should be eye catching as well. Finally, create promo video if possible to give potential users an idea of how the app works.

ASO helps to increase your app’s chances to be discovered. It’s free and you can do it on your own using analytic tools and some market research data.

  1. PR and social activity

This is another app marketing tactic that is often seen by developers as overly time-consuming and inefficient. However, content marketing and social media activity can market your app to the right audience at the right time and place.
Pitching media and bloggers for app reviews. Create exposure with industry blogs and media by asking opinion leaders and journalists to write/talk about your app. First, create an appealing pitch by describing the unique features of your app and your target audience. Attach some screenshots, a link to app store page, and your contact details. Try to be brief and clear, short and sweet. Second, create a list of relevant contacts and send them the pitch. It can be general app review sites like Gizmodo and AppScout or niche sites like mommy bloggers for an educational kids app.
Community management. Take advantage of your owned media including blogs, sites, and social accounts. Create them in case you don’t have them yet. Write and share content that can be interesting to your target audience including the process of app development, the story of your team, the problems your app could resolve, and the features you personally use. Don’t forget to include visual assets and share all content through social channels using trending hashtags.

  1. Rewarded installs boost campaign

The most important part is the traffic. You can’t get high app rankings without a large number of installs and positive app ratings, though potential users won’t install your app until it has a high ranking. It’s kind of a vicious circle.
Incentive traffic is an optimal solution for increasing app visibility quickly. It is cheaper than non-incentive traffic yet it allows to concentrate a substantial number of installs in a short period of time and attract organic downloads. This tactic works perfectly when an app needs to get into a top category chart and remain there for some time.
As a result of incentive traffic boost campaign, Barchart Stocks, Futures and Forex app has reached the Top 20 chart in Free iPhone Finance Apps and received an increase in organic installs:
TOP_25_Campaign_for_Barchart (1).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
The AppBooster platform provides app developers with qualitative incentive traffic and total control over campaign settings including bids, daily caps, and desirable positions in the app stores. Feel free to contact us for more information on rewarded installs or register and set up a campaign today.