2018 so far: 51 billion app downloads, and $34b in revenue from them

Andy Boxall

In App Data. July 18, 2018

Consumers spent $34.4b on apps during the first six months of 2018, says Sensor Tower, a massive 27.8% increase over spending in 2017. In the Apple App Store, spending reached $22.6b, and in the Google Play Store, $11.8b.

Comparing this to the first half of 2017, spending in the App Store increased by 26.8%, but by 29.7% in the Google Play Store. Looking at the year as a whole, Sensor Tower says year-on-year growth for the App Store stands at 34.7%, and 34.2% for Google Play.

Total app downloads for the first half of 2018

Total downloads during the first six months hit 51 billion, 11.3% over that of the same period in 2017. Google Play’s downloads reached 36 billion, compared to the App Store’s 15 billion. Both stores have seen growth over last year — 13.1% for Apple’s App Store, and 10.6% for Google Play.

The difference in downloads and revenues reveals Apple earned twice the revenue of Google, from half the number of app downloads.