20% of mobile app crashes are correlated to network issues – Apteligent releases Custom Insights for developers to catch issues early

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

September 30, 2016

Apteligent, the predictive app intelligence firm, has just rolled out a new tool that drives mobile big data for clients to improve their insights. Dubbed Custom Insights, the feature has already been put to good use by Apteligent to provide insights for its latest report Network Crash Edition, which unveils a connection between cloud services and crash on iOS and Android apps.
Apteligent provides tools for better mobile data insights
Source: apteligent.com
The report found that 20% of mobile app crashes are directly correlated to network issues with Android Nougat being 2.5 times more likely to result in a network crash than iOS 10.
20% of mobile app crashes are correlated
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Source: data.apteligent.com
Fabric, the Twitter mobile platform, tends to crash apps. It ranked among the third worst for analytics and fifth worst in advertising.
Medical apps, but also those provided by financial services and retailers are susceptible to network crashes.
Crash offenders
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Source: data.apteligent.com
88% of network calls involved in a crash were successful, but led to a return in unexpected data that led to a crash. 10% of successful network calls returned no data at all and then crashed a network.
Andrew Levy, Co-founder and CSO, Apteligent, explains:
andrew levy

“A surprisingly high percentage of fatal errors in apps are caused by network issues, and it’s important to have the ability to see how user behavior initiates certain network calls that can ultimately lead to a crash. There are plenty of ‘big data’ solutions in the market today. The unique value in Custom Insights is that it allows organizations to go beyond dashboards of data. Our platform makes proactive recommendations by analyzing data across tens of thousands of apps.”

Apteligent customers can tap into Custom Insights to gain similar knowledge of their own apps. For developers and businesses such data could be vital to ensure their mobile ecosystems are running smoothly and the consumer experience isn’t being disrupted.
Among the top features of Custom Insights are: correlation of app data with marketing performance metrics as well as management of data-driven decisions including custom reports that include statistical analysis and insights.
The tool also leverages bleeding edge data science tools and Apteligent’s global data to contextualize an app’s data for predictive analysis.